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Siamo in grado di offrire alle start-up consulenza societaria e fiscale, ricerca di canali di finanziamento e altro.

The Firm offers start-ups business and tax planning services, selection of financing options and more besides.

We can offer our start-up clients a clear picture of the financial scenario in relation to the start-up phase and the initial months following the start of business and the ability of the company to payback the capital invested. Specifically, the Firm is specialised in the start-up and management of companies operating in the media, foodtech, fintech, marktech, edtech and digital industries. The Firm handles the drawing up of investment and shareholder agreements throughout the various fundraising steps.

Specific services:

  • Asset management
  • Generational planning
  • Management of real estate and financial assets held abroad
  • Reverse brain drain
  • Tax returns
  • Real estate and lease management