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Legal, Corporate & Compliance

Business area

Forniamo una serie di servizi ai nostri clienti, guidandoli nella scelta e nella costituzione della miglior struttura per la nascita di nuove imprese.

We collaborate closely with our clients providing a wide range of services, guiding them in the choice of the optimal framework to facilitate the creation of new businesses in our territory.

As well as standard compliance services we focus on assisting and supporting our clients in the drawing up of extraordinary company agreements (for both the board of directors and the shareholders), in the management of relationships among shareholders, between shareholders and the company, between the company and corporate bodies, in directorship services, in intergenerational planning issues. We provide consultancy and assistance in extraordinary operations such as restructuring, company reorganisation, liquidation, raising capital, mergers, demergers, leasing of business units, sale and transfer of business units and equity stakes (M&A).

Specific services:

  • Corporate compliance (minutes of board of directors and shareholder meetings)
  • Directorship
  • Upkeep of company records
  • Assistance with company formation
  • Electronic filing
  • Chamber of commerce procedures