If you do, you do it with us


Nothing in the world can supersede perseverance.

Not talent; what is more common than talented people who are unsuccessful?

Not genius; unrewarded genius is actually commonplace,

Not even education: the world is full of educated idiots.

Only perseverance and determination are omnipotent, they show that nothing will ever defeat you, that you can achieve serenity, better health and a ceaseless flow of energy.

If you set such targets every single day results will not be slow in coming. Even though it may seem to be a magic formula, it is within you that your future is being made.

The greatest achievement of our generations is that human beings can change their lives by changing their mental attitude.

The Founder

In a global market, it is crucial to seek competitiveness, innovation and, at the same time, profitability. To jointly achieve such goals, it is necessary to face and solve complex issues, often imposed by laws and regulations that must be complied with. This is why you need people who are able to look beyond numbers and can provide you with significant information about your enterprise… this is what we are!

Every client is followed in a synergic way, through the organization of multi-tasking workgroups, in order to find tailor-made solutions. The links with the academic and publishing worlds enable constant development and updating of our competences.

Creating networks with professionals specialized in complementary fields allows us to provide an integrated and high quality service.

What makes us different? Easy: experience, pride and passion!


The Accounting firm Corti Fumagalli has managed to grow and build its own success, consolidated over time, thanks to the strategic vision of a dynamic and enterprising team that is able to respond to requests with quality and timeliness, guaranteeing excellent performance and Customer satisfaction.

The Firm, thanks to a strongly entrepreneurial approach, to the specialization of its professionals and to the wide network of relationships, is the ideal partner to provide rapid and tailor-made services both locally and internationally for national companies, in Italy and abroad. abroad and for foreign companies that invest and operate in Italy.

We are aware that the exercise of our profession must be based on fundamental values such as education, ethics, social responsibility, meritocracy, commitment to research and innovation and attention to people, with particular reference to to the feminine and youthful world.