About Us


About Us

Corti Fumagalli nasce nel 2014 dal sodalizio tra la Dott.ssa Ramona Corti e il Dott. Nicola Fumagalli, oggi conta un team di quaranta collaboratori suddivisi nelle sedi di Milano e Lissone. Lo Studio è riuscito a crescere e a costruire il proprio successo, consolidato costantemente nel tempo, grazie alla visione strategica di un team dinamico e intraprendente che è in grado di rispondere con qualità e tempestività alle richieste, garantendo l’eccellenza della prestazione e la soddisfazione del Cliente.

Our history

Founded in 2014 through the partnership of Ramona Corti and Nicola Fumagalli, Corti Fumagalli now operates as a 40-person strong team split between its offices in Milan and Lissone. The firm has managed to grow and build its success thanks to the strategic vision of a dynamic and entrepreneurial team, able to promptly respond to, and meet, client needs through excellence in performance.

Thanks to its distinctive managerial approach, the specialisation of its team members and a wide network of professional relations, Corti Fumagalli is the ideal partner to provide rapid and tailored services both at a local and international level for Italian companies at home and abroad, as well as for foreign companies which invest and operated in Italy.

In 2021 the Firm expanded its business through the merger with Studio Professionale Giobbi, which operates in the Como area and specialises in M&A and large industrial groups.


Through management, automation and a more hands-on approach we help our clients thrive 


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